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Are you having problems with your refrigerator or HVAC system? Get it inspected and repaired by the specialists of Enchantment Refrigeration, LLC. We are your trusted HVAC and refrigeration contractor in Santa Fe, NM and its surrounding areas. Our team strives to make your home, office, or commercial space as comfortable as possible with the wide array of products and services we provide.

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  • Santa Fe, NM
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  • White Rock, NM
  • Espanola, NM
  • Pecos, NM
  • Eldarado, NM
  • Nambe, NM
  • Cochiti Lake, NM

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60 La Luna Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Phone: (505) 982-2014
Fax: (505) 474-9319

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Did your air conditioner or furnace suddenly conk out? Have it checked and repaired immediately to avoid further inconvenience. Seek assistance from our experts. We have the right set of skills and tools to get your equipment working smoothly again. Call us today at (505) 982-2014 for inquiries or to schedule an appointment.